Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Why I made this recording

When I was nine years old my parents asked me if I'd like to learn to play the violin. My dad and Grandad both played the violin, so I said yes, and I fell in love with it! But that isn't really the beginning of the story.

When Grandad was eight years old his dad asked him if he'd like to start playing an instrument, and he chose the violin. Grandad and I used to play Meditation from Thaїs together on our violins each time I came home from college. That's when he told me he used to play it for his mother when he came home from college.

I miss that tradition now that he has passed on. It was my privilege to play Meditation from Thaїs at Grandad's funeral on his gorgeous old violin. His brothers told me it took them right back to when they sat at their mother's feet, and he played that piece for her as she listened from her rocking chair.

At that moment, I knew this connection that spans four generations was more than just a story; it is a deep, important part of who I am. It is in this spirit that I have approached this project - to honor my heritage, and to make sure my children will know what Meditation from Thaїs sounded like to their great-great grandmother. With each piece I express gratitude that in this life, I have been given a time to love.

(Pictured from top to bottom: me, my dad, my grandad, and my great-grandparents)


Rachel said...

Wow, Arian, your story sounds exactly like mine, right down to the grandfather and Meditation from Thais. I played it at my grandpa's funeral 9 years ago, and was sure I channeled him while doing so.

Your CD sounds lovely. Congratulations! Love you!

Laura said...

How beautiful, Arian!!! The story, the CD label, and the song - everything is just beautiful.

Lesli said...

Arian, I am so happy for you! I know this has been a labor of love from the beginning. The concept, the music, and the spirit of it all is beautiful. Thanks for the lovely legacy you are sharing with us and passing along to your posterity.

I love you!
Honored to be your mother....

The Jensen's said...

Arian, I am so excited Rachelle found you on Facebook, I will add you to my list, if that is okay.

Also, I think what you have done with your talent is awesome and I hope to get the chance to hear it (you) some time soon.

Cristie Jensen (Henderson)