Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April Showers: "kinda beautiful good"

Today is our “baby’s” 5th birthday. Last night I thought back to the events preceeding his birth and the details were startling clear in my mind. I don't know if most birth experiences (overseas - which his was - or otherwise) are this way, but it was filled with adventure, drama and plenty of “Murphy’s Law” moments, which I seem to specialize in!

Fast forward back to this morning – oh yeah, there’s a big boy sitting at the breakfast table, happy to be in new matching shirts with his brother. (I don’t expect that one to last forever, but hope it will a little while longer!) How did we get here so fast?

It’s a drizzly, chilly morning – not the kind of weather that calls out “Celebrate today!” But on our walk to school, we had a conversation that put it all into perspective for both of us. He looked up at the sky and said, “It’s a pretty cloudy day so far, isn’t it?”

“Yep,” I said, “but did you know there’s a saying, that April showers bring May flowers? That means the rain today is going to bring us beautiful flowers soon.”

“Oh….” He thought about it for a minute. Then he said, “So today is actually kinda beautiful good.”

That’s right. He’s got it figured out already. I hope I can remember through the rainy days of life that great things will soon follow. Every day can be "kinda beautiful good," regardless of what it looks (or feels) like at the moment. Happy Birthday, bud!

Monday, April 12, 2010

A Little Night Music

Our youngest son called for me to help him fall asleep, and despite his best attempts it was past 10:30pm. I had already exhausted the other common tactics. Then it occured to me: “Do you need some music?” I asked. “YES!” he cried. “What’s it going to be?”

“Would you like to hear my CD?”

“Yes! But…why don’t you just play yourself for me?”

That took me back for a moment. Do I follow my impulse to say no since it's so late and I don't want to wake up anyone else, plus the fact that I wanted to be heading to bed myself? Or is this one of those moments that I need to say yes to and throw reason (and convenience) out the window?

“You want a little concert?” I asked.


“But it will probably be too loud for you to fall asleep then.”

“That’s okay, Mom, I promise I’ll love it!”

Well that sealed the deal; I brought my violin up to his room and greeted him, “Are you ready for your concert? It’s going to be in the dark….”

“Why is it going to be in the dark?”

“Well no one has ever asked me to serenade them at bedtime, and it seems like that’s the best way to do it. What song do you want to hear?”

He thought for a minute, “I don’t know…”

So I played the first phrase, “I’ve dreamed of you…” by nightlight, only to be interrupted by, “I know!”

“What is it?”

“I Am a Child of God!”

“Will you sing along with me?”


So I played and he sang every word, his sweet little voice deeply touching my heart. For the record, I'm happy it worked - he did fall asleep soon after. But even more than that, I’m so glad we got to have our first concert - in the dark, together. I'm willing to bet we'll both remember that a lot longer than we'd remember another night of trying to fall asleep without it.

Friday, April 2, 2010

A Beautiful Easter song

Happy Easter, everyone!

Last Sunday our choir at church sang a beautiful piece that has been running through my mind. Both the lyrics and the melody are lovely, reflective, and soothing. Lindy Kerby, composer, has generously shared the musical score on her website:

This Easter Morning

This Easter morning
I'm thinking of Him
who prayed in a garden
for all of our sin
This part of the plan
was God's gift to man
so we could return home someday
if only we walk in His way

This Easter morning
I think how He lived
a perfect example
in all that He did
And now it's my turn
to study and learn
The Spirit will show me the way
So that I can be like Him someday

This Easter morning
I'm thinking of when
my Savior was buried
and then rose again
He still is alive
As was prophesied
by prophets a long time before
and they say that He's coming once more
As He did, on that first Easter morn!