Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Post-President's Day post

You just never know when or where Inspiration will strike next! This past weekend I found some meaningful insights on our nation's Founding Fathers in a place I certainly didn't expect: the introduction of "The 3 Word Journal: Finding Your Purpose in Life," by Randal A. Wright.

He talks about figurative "help-wanted" signs posted throughout history, and the heroic people who realized they had been given the gifts to "fill the job". He mentions by name Thomas Jefferson, recognizing the need for an author of the Declaration of Independence, and stepping up to fill the job. George Washington, realizing that our new nation needed a father. Abraham Lincoln, who saw the "help-wanted" sign for saving our country from division. These great people saw not just a job posted on those figurative signs, but saw "their unique missions written upon them."

His point is that we each have a unique life mission to fill. That, of course, resonates with me. My Post-Presiden't Day post is mostly for me - to take a moment to reflect on my deep respect and gratitude for our Founding Fathers and how much my life has been blessed because they recognized their gifts, the challenges/opportunities that required what they could give, and sacrificed to connect the dots themselves. I believe they were truly inspired; designed with the traits and talents and desire to fulfill the tasks at hand during their lifetime.

This is our lifetime; there are more tasks at hand than seem possible to fulfill - what gifts and missions have we been given? What needs can we meet that have enormous implications on future generations?

This beautiful mosaic was created by a local art class, on display just yesterday!

I didn't know I'd be thinking these kinds of thoughts on President's Day. But I think this was part of our Founding Father's mission as well. To make us think about our own.

Friday, February 11, 2011

New Video: "I'm Sorry"

(Click on the link to see the full screen.)

The wintry day, descending to its close,
Invites all wearied nature to repose,
And shades of night are falling dense and fast,
Like sable curtains closing o’er the past.
Pale through the gloom the newly fallen snow
Wraps in a shroud the silent earth below
As tho ’twere mercy’s hand had spread the pall,
A symbol of forgiveness unto all.

~ Orson F. Whitney, 1855–1931

Every time I watch this video, these lyrics come to my mind and I just feel like they belong together. The snow that covers so much of the country right now is a symbol of closure on what lies behind us. It is a symbol of the fresh, clean start to the new day ahead of us. It is a symbol that change is possible and it can be good. Forgiveness of others and of ourselves is real and it is liberating. And that brings deep, sweet peace.

My good friend, Heidi Johnson, wrote, directed, and produced this "short" (a term, I learned from her, that identifies it as a short movie as opposed to a full-length movie). I was honored when she asked me if she could use one of my recordings for the music. "Love At Home," written by Kirk Davies, was the perfect fit. Not only did the music's mood fit seamlessly with the flow of the scenes, but the timing was perfect! No cuts or extensions needed to be made on either the movie or the music track. We're pretty sure that's not coincidence!

I especially love the message of "I'm Sorry," delivered even more powerfully because there is no dialogue. This sweet young woman shows so sincerely the beautiful peace that happens inside us as we chose to change, forgive, let go, and move on. It is a powerful inner process that is so very real. It gives us something to think about while waiting for the snow of life to melt!

This song, "Love At Home," is on my album "A Time to Love" and is available as a single digital download at iTunes and at cdBaby. Feel free to share the video.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

We Love Jenny Auction Update

It's almost here! The fund-raising auction to help my cousin Jenny cover her chemotherapy and medical expenses from leukemia is right around the corner. There are now 63 items available to bid on! Check them all out at http://welovejennyauction.blogspot.com/ or click on the "We Love Jenny" button above.

For more details, see my post "Cousins are For Keeps".

The update is that now instead of the auction ending on Valentine's night, it has been extended to end on the 15th. (So now you can enjoy a night out and get in on the last minutes of the auction as well!) The official bidding window is from February 14th @ 9am to February 15th @ 10pm, EST.

You don't have to know my cousin to bid; you don't even have to know me. But there are so many really cool and beautiful items donated by people who love Jenny and you can know that you have done a great thing to help a really great person if you place the winning bid on an item!

Instructions on how to bid are here.

Thank you and happy bidding!

PS I have 3 of my "A Time to Love" CDs up for bidding on!