Saturday, April 23, 2011

An Easter Message - Becoming




Nature is such an inspiration this time of year! I love watching the development of beautiful things all around me. I think this is the right time to tell my story behind "Allegretto alla Romanza" by Edvard Grieg - how it came into my life and why I chose to include it on my CD. It is a story of becoming.

My senior year at BYU was a monumental one. Not for the cap and gown reasons, but for all the life challenges I had to keep finding the courage to face and the hope to overcome. In early December 1996, I lost three young cousins in a tragic car accident. We had all been together at an extended family gathering, and I remember hugging each of them good-bye before they left. Of course none of us had any idea that would be the last good-bye.

The following Spring, I found myself knee-deep in work as well as in grief. I had a senior violin recital to give in just a few weeks and was having a hard time getting through the feelings of loss. I finally talked to one of my professors about it, a trusted friend who had lost his son in a car accident during the same time period. I wondered how he kept going day after day after such a deep and shocking loss.

His response was truly a gift to me. He encouraged me to take my sorrow and emotion and put that energy into creating something meaningful, something beautiful. I knew exactly what it was going to be, what it needed to be.

I put my feelings of love for my three little cousins, now angels, into this particular movement of Grieg's Sonata. Instead of it being one more thing I had to find time to learn and hope to polish in time for my recital, the time I spent with this music became a creative outlet as well as a time of personal healing. At my recital when I performed this piece, I wasn't nervous, because I played it for them. It was a moment when I had become more than a stressed-out senior who had carried a lot burdens while racing to the finish line. I had found deep inner peace and was able to share it through the music I had created in the meanwhile.

As the concept for my CD's theme came together, I knew this piece needed to be included, even though it wouldn't be obvious to anyone but me why this song held so much love within it. I hope as you listen to it (an excerpt is in the pink box, top right) you will feel some of that spirit coming through.

With Easter comes sweet reminders - the hope of healing, the joy of becoming - the unmatched peace of Christ. I am more aware of the significance of His mission and sacrifice in my life as the years go by. As much as I can work on it and struggle through my own efforts, He is the reason my life can become something beautiful! And He is the reason I know I will see my cousins again.

Happy, Happy Easter!