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These are some of the comments from the initial release of A Time to Love:

"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful CD that you made. It's so eerily beautiful. Your work is so special, creative and sweet... Thank you again for your music, it's given me endless hours of pleasure." - California

"...I loved, loved, loved what I heard!" - Virginia

"I thought your CD was beautiful from every perspective. You are quite a musician and you show great compassion and sensitivity as you play." - Virginia

"We listened to it today after my husband came home from a long day of church duties. Needless to say, it had a wonderfully peaceful, calming effect. You really know how to make the violin 'sing' - probably because you are a singer also." - Missouri

"I just finished listening to your beautiful music. You are truly an artist...this collection is very special. Your beautiful spirit and testimony shine through and I could feel the love. I heard your Grandfather play Meditation at a BYU Ward...and he played so beautifully. It was great to read the story of the special meaning it had in both of your lives." - New Mexico

" is so very beautiful, Arian. You certainly have a gift. We were just mesmerized by it!!!!" - Illinois

" is so pleasant to listen to. It certainly had a calming affect on me. I have listened to it all day long - I don't think that I will tire of it. I was also impressed with the family history that was included on the inside of the CD cover. What a perfect tribute to your musical heritage." - Missouri

"We got your CD and it is fabulous!! I have enjoyed listening to it and only wish it was longer." - Iowa

"Arian, I was so happy to get my CD today. It was like music from an angel. So far my favorites are hands down...tracks 9, 10, and 11. I couldn't put it on fast enough." - Alaska

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Lesli said...

I love the new look and format of your blog! Good work! And I continue to love your CD!